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Cosmos NZ Made Pocket Springs Bed Queen (Closing Down Sale)

This listing is for Display Highly Luxurious New Zealand Made Queen Size Product Details can be found on CLICK HERE


Our 199 Lincoln Road, Henderson Branch, which will be closed by 1st week of October 2021. Everything must go. All prices have been reduced and quantity is very limited.

  • Please be aware that you are buying goods under Closing Down Sale. Products are being sold 'where is as is' and no further warranty , guarantee , replacement available. All goods are being sold on clearance (Closing Down Sale)
  • Pick Ups are not allowed under Level 4
  • Contactless Delivery will be organised. We are delivering on specific days ( We'll contact you in advance to let you know delivery time.)
  • Rules for Contactless Delivery: After you receive delivery , You will be requested to send a text message to driver about confirmation of goods received.

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