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Disclaimer - About your selection of product

Disclaimer about your selection of product

Disclaimer - What you should and shouldn’t expect.

Dear Valued Customer

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to you for your choose Budget Beds.

You may already have made a purchase or considering to buy a product from either Our Physical Store or Website or any other Online Market Place such as Trademe , Facebook or any other similar platforms.

We are always committed to make your shopping experience very pleasant and hassle free. To help us to achieve highest possible level of service and your satisfaction , we really appreciate if you could spend few minutes to understand below guide lines & conditions to avoid any unpleasant circumstances and also not to buy a product which doesn’t meet your expectations.

 I (Budget Beds) would like to be very honest with you all and mainly would like to focus on Mattresses.

 We carry a wide range of mattresses which offer different kind of comfort and firmness. All mattresses have few some common and different kind of ingredients. For example all mattresses have foam but foam may have a different density , different kind , different manufactures and that’s why all mattresses may feel different from each other. There are many mattresses which have pocket springs but springs structure could be different , wire gauge could be different , height of springs could be different but in general term they are all pocket springs and same with bonnell springs. Similar example of mattress fabrics , there are many many kinds of fabrics of different weights and different chemical properties such as they knitting system , washing system , thread counts etc. Due to all these different compositions of similar looking and sounding material , each mattress may feel different from each other and we all may also feel different while lying on them. I have tried my best to explain few points in details below:

 Please be advised that ,

  • We don't recommend any Mattress or Bed for a solution to any medical problems such as back problem / shoulder problem or any other physical issues.
  • On some product listings , you might see some features have mentioned such as mattresses contains green tea foam or copper foam or memory foam or charcoal infused or any other types of foam names or properties mentioned . These features have been provided by manufactures and we don’t have any scientific proof for any kind of their benefits. Manufactures do mention product’s benefits but we always don’t have any written proof for features benefits. We do confirm that products definitely contains all ingredients mentioned in connection of a that specific product.
  • Budget Beds doesn’t provide comfort guarantee, which means that  A mattress may either be too firm or too soft / unsupportive for one's personal preference. It is always advised  to visit our store and check the product you are buying.
  • We sell mattresses ( wide range ) but we never mislead people selling them as medical device. If you see our advertisement for a product which says ‘Back care mattress’ or 'Back supportive mattress' or 'Orthopaedic support mattress’, Spinal Support Mattress. Please understand that these terms doesn’t refer to a solution of any physical or medical problem you may have or some one may have if you are buying for them. Please check the product by lying down before you buy to make sure it meets your expectations and preferences. If you ask recommendation  from any of our Sales person at store , They may suggest you on the basis of other customers feedbacks we receive time to time. We always show a good product (based on customer’s budget)
  • If you have purchased product online without checking and later want to cancel , We are happy to cancel the purchase with in 14 days of purchase. We won’t be able to cancel the purchase if product has been opened or not in its original packaging. You will be responsible for costs involved for returning your item such as freight cost to pick up (if we send our freight people to collect). Product must at the same (original) address where it was delivered (if you arranged delivery with us ) There is also a restocking fees (Minimum $50 for one mattress/bed)
  • When you see a product has a rating of comfort level such as Firm / Medium / Soft. This has been mentioned after we have tested the mattress, However we do believe that everyone may feel different comfort level due to factors such as personal preference , different body weight , body structure and posture. If you are looking for any specific kind of comfort or are unsure about mattress comfort , We strongly suggest to please visit our store and test product before you buy. Due to sanitary and hygiene reasons We do not accept any exchange or return of mattress after product has been delivered or picked up by customer and has been used even once.
  • The above statement has not been written / drafted by any professional. We may have made some grammatical mistakes but We have tried our level best to explain our intentions. If you find any word / error / typo , Please advise us and we'll rectify that asap. If you have some suggestions , Please advise them and We'll try rectify and implementing your suggestions at earliest possible. 

You may have some questions , Please send us your query to

I am again very thankful for your kind understanding and choosing Budget Beds.

 Kind Regards,

Budget Beds