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S3 Double Bed

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Original price $1,499.00
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Original price $1,499.00
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Current price $699.00

Innovative 4-Layer Design For Maximum Sleep ability

A Highly Breathable Fabric Cover

We’ve wrapped the mattress in a two-layer, woven fabric cover that’s deliciously soft to the touch. Even better, it’s completely removable and machine washable so you’ll never have to worry about unsightly yellowing.

Advanced Latex Top Foam

This layer is firm but springy, giving you full freedom of movement while providing critical posture support. The foam gently moulds to the natural contours of your spine, giving you support where you need it, and softness where you don’t and It is also highly breathable

NASA Inspired Memory Foam

When NASA developed the first space shuttles, they had a problem. How do you provide support to the bodies of astronauts during the incredible forces during take-off and landing? The answer was memory foam. This high-tech layer provides extraordinary comfort by distributing support evenly across the entire body making it feel like you’re floating instead of lying on the mattress

Zero Partner Disturbance Foundation Core

Our memory foam mattresses are supported on top of a high-density Polyurethane Foam core. This shock absorbing material works to soak up excess movement and vibrations in the mattress. Meaning if you’re sharing with a night-time acrobat you won’t be woken up by their tossing and turning.